Bioenergetic Testing

Our leading functional testing shows how to improve your body on the highest level.

Noninvasive Bioenergetic Testing takes an internal peek into your Core Health!

Gain deep insights into what’s working in your body, what requires attention, and what remedies would be most useful in obtaining better health. Take the guesswork out of your health, and let real, personalized data guide you toward a fuller and more balanced life.

Our comprehensive testing allows you to understand your body on a deeper level. Through innovative testing techniques, we can identify stresses in the body and work towards achieving optimum health and overall wellness.

Bioenergetic Testing

The goal is to bring your body back into balance, remove unwanted physical stress, and help you achieve optimum health.

The more that we learn about how your body is functioning, what nutrients it may be lacking, and what toxins are creating issues, the better we are able to apply natural principles and determine which specific remedies you would most benefit from. Learning this information helps you answer your own health questions and make better health decisions.

Bioenergetic Testing is useful for those individuals who are dealing with chronic health concerns like allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, pain, depression, skin complaints, sleeplessness, and Lyme Disease have found this testing invaluable. If you suffer from a chronic health concern, you know just how exasperating it can be to constantly address symptoms without truly addressing the core of the problem.

Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities

Core Specific Bioenergetic Testing analyzes hundreds of foods against various parts of your body. We also provide a list of triggers and your body’s intolerances.



We search for any nutritional deficiencies like a lack of vitamins, minerals, acids, and enzymes, then we will entail how to naturally gain nutrients through healthy foods.



We use our Core Specific Bioenergetic Testing exam in order to test your body for various hormonal levels, then address the issues with our Core Health Chiropractic team.



Presently, your body could be carrying thousands of toxins. We search your body for the exposure of toxins, and how to detox your body.

Organ Functions

Organ Functions

A check of bodily systems for function, and performance. We report on how the body feels stresses and weaknesses.

Trust In Our Team

Trust In Our Team

Finally, we test your samples against remedies and supplements to find the best and most effective remedies your body can handle.

You will receive a detailed report on the complete findings including:

  • Cellular stress in 14 systems throughout the body
  • Hormones that are out of balance
  • Toxins (mold, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, metals, and viruses)
  • Nutritional imbalances (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids)
  • 600 potential food and environmental sensitivities
  • Customized remedy plan that may include herbs, homeopathic remedies, oils, and nutritional supplements to address imbalances
Bioenergetic Testing
Core Health Chiropractic
Comparatively we are unlike any Chiropractic Office.

We ensure our patients with quality testing, clear results, and no added expenses.

Core Health Chiropractic presently offers a package that includes:

  • Complete Health Scan
  • A Tailored Care Plan w/ Healthy Remedies
Core Specific Bioenergetic Testing is for every member of your family!

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We look forward to helping you on your path to better wellness.

I did this kit for myself and I loved it! I had been feeling horrible for about 2 years. With so many things going undiagnosed for so long, this really helped me see the light. I was able to find out what was going on with my body and started a natural health regimen and I am well on my way to feeling normal again. Best money I have spent!

Lindsey A.

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