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Core Health Chiropractic has doctors on staff who practice the Webster’s Technique, but what does that mean to you and your baby?

Some of our clients are presently carrying a child who may still want an adjustment. Because of the weight and sensitive nature of the body, there needs to be a technique that helps elevate stress in the body for pregnant mothers. One of the best ways to help the pregnant body stretch and heal is the Webster’s Technique.

The technique is a chiropractic analysis and adjusting that was started by Dr. Larry Webster for his own daughter’s benefit. He described it, “for laboring women to help with the ease of birth,” and promptly taught and shared his results to other doctors.

Webster’s Technique is meant to optimize structure and neurology of the pelvis in pregnant women, making for an easier labor. Presently, more doctors are using this technique because of the benefits. It is now known that chiropractic care during pregnancy helps mothers and children obtain optimal health.

How Does Webster’s Technique Help?

To go further into detail, this analysis subluxation malposition/fixation of the sacrum is and based on the direction of the malposition/fixation soft tissue structures. To clarify, this helps spinal issues, urine function, and is also good for the baby. Generally, this helps with positive birth outcomes. The treatment can help ease and stop breaches as well as future labor pains. This is why the technique has become so popular.

Sacral Subluxation, or better known as misplaced vertebrae while pregnant can affect your overall health, and the child’s health. Subluxations can slow down information to the brain from the body or vice versa. A correction to that area will improve your body and your health. The uterus is attached to the pelvis and held by round ligaments on each side and the front. During the pregnancy, mothers feel the loaded pressure on the skeleton due to expansion.

We Are Webster Certified

Core Health Chiropractic is Webster certified! Our doctors are trained to give the technique through an organization that is recognized and you can feel safe knowing you will be well taken care of while in our care.

Core Health Chiropractic understands the stresses that come with carrying a child. We know that motherhood should start off as best as it can be. If you have any questions regarding Webster’s Technique or would like to get an adjustment please contact us. Call (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.

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