You’re getting ready to cook a healthy meal for your family…

You have all of the ingredients at hand, cooking tools along with the pots and pans you need for cooking perfection. But take a moment and step back. Do you really know how safe your pots and pans are to be serving up a healthy meal? Will there be chemicals coming off the pans and absorbed into your food? What is that non-stick surface on your pots? Have you ever even thought about this?

It’s kind of a scary thought to know that you may be cooking your food in toxic cookware. How do you what is good and what is not?

According to, most modern cookware leaches toxins into the food we are consuming. That is not such a great thought when you all you want to do is have a healthy lifestyle. But healthy also means solid cookware.

Let’s dive in!

Try to avoid:

Aluminum Pots and Pans:

While aluminum is known to heat very quickly it has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, although different case studies say there is a connection between the two, while others claim there is no evidence to suggest it. When heated, it leaches easily into food especially food that has an acidic base.

Teflon/Nonstick Pots and Pans:

This is the most common type of cookware and when overheated releases toxic fumes into the air. Some link this to producing flu-like symptoms in humans if inhaled for prolonged periods of time. Check it out.

Check these out:

Ceramic Cookware:

According to, ceramic cookware is baked in a kiln which makes the ceramic longer lasting, durable, and less prone to damage. It is also usually dipped in a glaze which assists with stain resistance and a non-stick coating.

Cast Iron:

Cooking with cast iron is safe and durable and cast iron has been around for thousands of years. You can cook on high heat with cast iron and when seasoned to perfection, the pan provides a non-stick surface. Here are a few other reasons to cook with cast iron.

Ultimately the decision of what cookware you use in your household is up to you. Just know you have options and to do your research and shop around before committing to a major cookware purchase. You want non-toxic, non-leaching.

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