The Natural Route of Holistic Medicine

Are you leery of adding prescription medicines and invasive procedures to your healthcare routine or resolving an issue with which you’re struggling?

Perhaps taking the natural or holistic route sounds like a more appealing approach. Wondering just what that means? Read on as we dive a bit deeper.

What is Natural Healing?

Essentially, this is an over-arching term referring to healing practices considered non-invasive and that is achieved mostly through natural means and what is considered an alternative therapy. In some instances, alternative therapies have become so in-demand that health insurance providers include them in their coverage.

The Holistic Difference

Holistic medicine takes the entire person into account when it comes to treatment – the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. The goal is to achieve optimal balance on all planes as they are interconnected. Holistic medicine centers on the idea that if one of these planes is out of balance, it can cause a negative impact on a person’s overall health.

There are 10 principles of holistic medicine. A few are:

  • That love and support are powerful healers.
  • Each individual is responsible for his or her well-being and health.
  • Patients are people and not a disease.
  • All individuals possess healing abilities.
  • Resolving issues lies in fixing the cause of the condition versus relieving symptoms.
  • Healing imbalances lies in combined work from the patient and practitioner.

There is a growing list of holistic remedies being practiced. They include acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, hypnotherapy, massage, mindfulness, yoga, and bioenergetic therapy, to name a few.

Some holistic practitioners, like osteopaths, are licensed physicians who use osteopathic manipulative medicine to treat health issues. Osteopathic manipulative treatment centers on the idea that your musculoskeletal system has an impact on your entire body.

Interested in learning if a more natural approach can help you with a health issue you’re experiencing? Call us to make your appointment.

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