quarantine stretches

Dr. Jason Balthaser demonstrates low back, upper back, and neck exercises or stretches for the quarantine.

Although working in the office is low stress, you should not neglect your body. Core Health wants you to know that you should take some time to do stretches in the home-turned-workplace. Dr. Jason is here again with some stretches that are perfect despite the lack of room your office may have. Throughout the video below, you will see stretches that are good for the low and upper back, also neck stretches for this quarantine.

As previously mentioned, Dr. Jason shows how to properly stretch within a workplace. Because of COVID-19, many of our workplaces are our living rooms and kitchens. So, use these areas to your advantage. For these stretches you will need a chair or an object similar to one. Dr. Jason starts off with hummingbird wing stretches to help stretch the upper back, then explains how variants help stretch other areas of your back. Dr. Jason said it best, “everyone loves a happy hummingbird”.

From there, Dr. Jason breaks out the chair for stretches for the lower back, and the neck. Lastly, you can view this video, and many others like this on our YouTube channel.

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