Chronic stress has many mental and physical repercussions on your spine

Poor Posture

When someone experiences stress, take a look at their posture. Muscles tighten, breathing patterns change, and the way they hold their bodies changes. As a result of these physical changes, your vertebral alignment can shift, leading to spinal abnormalities.

A Vicious Cycle

The poor health of the spine impacts physical health and increases stress levels, which in turn affects spinal health. Almost every bodily function interconnects with your spine.

Think about the seemingly small but cumulative daily habits that can harm your spine. If your mattress or pillows are not well supported, you might wake up feeling uncomfortable. Perhaps you tossed and turned or slept abnormally.

There’s a good chance that you’ll rush through breakfast, grab a big cup of coffee on your way to work, sit in an uncomfortable position at your desk all day, be reprimanded by your boss, and feel the pressure of deadlines looming.

All these factors affect your spine, which increases stress levels. Stress triggers the same stress response regardless of the type. You can prevent these abnormalities by receiving regular chiropractic care.

Spinal Alignment

It is difficult for the nervous system to send messages through the body when the spine is misaligned. Improved spinal alignment leads to better communication and increased system efficiency.

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