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A subluxation occurs when the spine is out of alignment, characterized by slips, misalignments, restrictions, nerve damage, pain, or asymptomatic quirks that impair the structure and health of the spine.

The term interference refers to subluxations that interfere with the natural function of the body because they interfere with the operation of the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls every body organ, interferences, and chronic stress will cause dysfunction.

Chronic stress is one of the most common sources of interference and can manifest itself in numerous ways. There are lots of sources of interference. They fall into three categories:


Stress can be devastating to your physical health as well. Inflammation is a significant contributor to a wide variety of diseases. 75 – 90 percent of illnesses are due to chronic stress.

Spinal abnormalities caused by that pro-inflammatory response can cause pain, ligament damage, and tendon damage.

Evidence suggests that psychological stress can negatively affect your immune system. A meta-analysis of 300 empirical studies over 30 years concluded that psychological stress harms the immune system.

Poor sleep can exacerbate stress, and vice versa, contributing to metabolic disorders, including obesity and diabetes. Thus, chronic tension and poor sleep form a vicious cycle that affects multiple pathways within the body.

These factors can harm your spine and overall health, including injuries, physically demanding jobs, sedentary lifestyles, and too much exercise.

When your body gets hurt, misused, and maladjusted in any way, it becomes a physical stressor and interferes with the natural processes that are supposed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The countless environmental toxins we expose our bodies to daily have a more subtle impact on chronic stress and its repercussions. Yet, they are just as harmful as chronic stress itself.

The chemicals we use in cleaning, cosmetics, medication, and even the food we eat and drink bombard our bodies with toxins that have immediate and cumulative effects. It causes low-grade stress on the body because your lungs, skin, and digestive tract are constantly under attack.


Stress can also harm our mental and emotional health. Stress can manifest in mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and irritability and affect memory, concentration, sexual drive, and many other aspects of our lives.

The pace at which we live our lives is such that we thrive on staying busy and multitasking. Juggling more than one task or “burning the midnight oil” to complete work projects can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience.

Stress at work can also overwhelm the body and cause physical ailments, emotional distress, and mental health issues. Pressure can create spinal interference and disrupt hormones such as cortisol.

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