runners hip

Dr. Jason Balthaser demonstrates primary hip and lumbar spine stabilizing exercises to promote stability while running, walking, and standing throughout the day.

Hip mobility and pelvic stability are crucial for range of motion especially for runners. Before a run or workout, Core Health suggests an exercise that will increase your stability. Mobility matters to runners because it allows for better form while running. Runners hips are known to be tight, so increase motion will lessen the tight areas. Lastly, these workouts require an abdominal ball.

Previously mentioned, hip mobility is crucial for runners but should not limit non-athletes from trying the workouts. Core Health recommends this exercise for anyone that stays on their feet, and feels pelvic pain from moving frequently.  Mobility exercises like these certainly engage the hips, and improve range of motion. When these stretches are done correctly, it leads to better form while running and becoming less injury prone. As you will see in the video below, Dr. Jason uses the abdominal ball to create a block between the wall and his leg. By lifting the ball with his leg, putting pressure on the leg against the wall, he combines the glute medius, pelvis and hip workout. Also, adding arm movement to the exercise increases stability.

If you need help getting your body moving or think you may need help with hip mobility and pelvic stability, please contact us by calling (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.

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