I hope that as you are reading this final post, and watching the final video in this series, you feel that you have learned something, and feel empowered to be able to help your child or yourself through your new found brain based lens. Now, you may be thinking, “Okay, sure I learned these things, and I can now understand a little more about why my child uses the tools he uses. But what’s next? How do I help my child with developing more sophisticated tools and move through that trajectory of brain development?”.

Here at Core Health Chiropractic, we have a great team who have completed continuing education in brain based development. Your next step is to call for your FREE phone consultation! We will then get you set up for an in person evaluation, so we can ask and answer the two big questions: 

  1. Is there anything altering the way your brain is receiving and sending information, and how are you adapting to stress?
  2. Are there indicators of inefficiencies in the tools you are using to process, engage, and learn?

Our specific evaluation will answer these two questions and guide our approach.  We can then develop a plan to help your child, or yourself, move through this trajectory of brain development. Our goal is to help you, your child and your family have a better expression of life by improving their ability to connect, engage and learn from their world. Remember, there are no bad kids, and there are no purposeless behaviors; these things are windows into your child’s brain!

Call us today to set up your free phone consult!

Check out the full series of videos here!

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