Self-love is an area that most of us do not even consider until at some point it might be too late to realize you have been void of it.

There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first even though most in our society may feel it is a selfish thing to do. It’s not.

Think of it in these terms. You’re on an airplane and you hear the standard safety speech that you hear on every flight. Then the flight attendants get to this part: “In the event of an emergency, place the oxygen mask over your own mouth first before assisting others.” In an odd way, they are telling you to please put yourself first. And when you’re good, THEN you can assist others and help them. That little analogy can actually take you quite far in life.

So many of us are of the go, go, go mentality. It’s ingrained into us from an early age with little emphasis on self-care and placing yourself first in the mass chaos that can become our daily lives if we’re not too careful. We rush day in and day out with different obligations ranging from work, school, family, meetings, chauffeuring kids, errands and just crazy deadlines that we unknowingly place on ourselves. We’ve spent the whole day working and serving others, only (at times) leaving ourselves empty, anxious, and in some cases feeling completely unfulfilled.

Everything is scheduled into day with to-do lists and appointments, then why are we not taking time out to schedule in time for ourselves? It’s needed, right? And if you truly are THAT busy that you need to make an appointment with yourself for ME time, so be it. Do what you need to do. Even if it’s only 20 minutes of quiet time walking in nature, or a 30 minute salt bath…do what you need to do to feel the stress roll off of you.

If you’re not good to yourself, you will not be good for others (hence the oxygen mask example). In this fast paced circus we have found ourselves in, its time to put YOU first. When you do, you’ll be able to assist those around you better.

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