Dr. Jason has completed a post-Doctorate specialization in extremities and rehab that can help you today.

Undeniably, we have clients come and cannot believe all of our services. In general, people think chiropractors do alignments and help with the discomforts of the body. Overall, Core Health’s team of doctors can do anything from evaluating your body, then treat it with adjustments and prescribe natural remedies. One of the major areas our staff handles is the body, emphatically extremities. Now, we know this word is daunting, but extremities is a big word that refers to limbs of the body. Of course, we handle all problems of your head, shoulders, knees, and toes (see what we did there?).

For those feeling extremity pain, issues from your limbs can affect your overall well being. Not to mention, any pain from these limbs can cause pain in your spine, and vice versa. Usually, sports injuries are where extremity pain comes from. If these injuries are not cared for, they can become chronic pains in areas like the spine. There are testimonies from our clients about adjusting extremities that have made an immediate change to their overall health. Chiropractors with a sports chiropractic background can attest that their care can be simple, and surgery-free remedy. Also, there are joint tests available to see if a certain extremity is weak and may need to be adjusted. For those who may not know, a proper adjustment can create an almost instant change. It can lead to better movement, and reduced or no pain.

We always recommend having your limbs checked if you are having your spine checked. A healthy body starts with healthy extremities. As mentioned before, our Dr. Jason is a certified chiropractic extremity practitioner (CCEP). Finally, If you would like to get an alignment, or want to know if your body needs one, please contact us by calling (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.

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