neck stretches

Dr. Jason Balthaser demonstrates neck stretches to alleviate pain, and to reduce tight muscles/spasm.

Although it may seem odd, neck workouts can help soothe pain from your shoulders and head. Because it is a muscle, your neck needs to be worked out, and stretched. Completing neck exercises and stretches can make your neck stronger and limber. Also, a strong neck can help reduce problems with shoulders, back and arms. Core Health knows that the neck sometimes is forgotten so we created a video that has a few basic stretches to try at your leisure.

Throughout the video below, Dr. Jason shows simple stretches to try at any time. The first workout is a side tilt. While applying a gentle amount of pressure with your hand, lower your chin towards your shoulder and allow it to stretch for 10-15 seconds. Another exercise is the back and forward tilt. Tuck your chin in, then lower your head and hold for 15-25 seconds. Relax your head then slowly lift the chin up to the ceiling, while having the base of your skull toward your back.

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