Have you ever been rushing around with your kids to get to work on time and you forget to feed yourself a great breakfast? Oh good, me too! In my effort to streamline my morning, own and operate a business, have a great marriage, and do everything perfectly while never forgetting any minute detail I usually neglect to fuel myself appropriately. Can you relate? Or maybe you just are looking at getting healthier and learning about new ways to get your brain and body sharp. Maybe even starting a new morning ritual.

My Morning Ritual Helps Me Get Through the Everyday.

I am sure by now you have heard some buzz words like “keto”, “intermittent fasting”, “bullet proof coffee”, “low carb”, and so on. In years prior, we were under the assumption that ALL fats were bad, red flashing neon sign bad. Now we are understanding and learning more that we NEED fats. Of course, there are GOOD fats and Bad fats we want to avoid. I will focus on the good ones today and how it ties into coffee. We need fats for lots of reason, but simply and most importantly, our hormones and body functions rely on fats to function. FAT = HEALTHY FUNCTION. This is a gross over simplification, FYI. However, trust me when I say that using high fats and steering away from sugar and simple carbs can boost energy, help you burn fat, and increase your metabolism. We can’t have it both ways though, so you gotta choose and commit. If you are increasing your fats, you must decrease sugar and carbs. If not, there-in lies the problems.

So, if you are like me and don’t have the time to make a health nutritious breakfast every day, let’s try to boost what we all are enjoying and make it work for us. This Rocket Fuel Latte recipe by Leanne Vogel is awesome. Also, I just love her and have followed her blog for several years.

Following Leanne’s plan has been easy and simple, she has a ton of info and recipes. If you are interested in diving deep into keto, but want a road map, check out her helpful resources.

My coffee this morning is a hodge podge of Leanne’s recipe and what I had on hand.

Brew coffee however you like it
Add a tablespoon of each:
Vital Proteins collagen peptides
Coconut oil, ghee, or MCT oil
Coconut cream
Blend with a hand immersion blender until frothy and delicious. Enjoy!

Additions: to boost the fat profile add hemp seeds, or a second oil. Leanne suggests this, I just didn’t have any today.

Here is a link to Leanne’s post on more caffeine free options!

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