modified lowback stretches

Modified low back stretches while seated will help stretch and relax your low back.

Most pain from the low back comes from conditions affecting your lumbar spinal. For acute pain, we recommend a time-tested remedy, a stretch! Here at Core Health, the daily dose of stretching helps reduce pain, and prevents risk of more injuries in the future. Dr. Jason Balthaser is back again to show you some modified low back stretches than can be done at your own home. All you will need is a surface that you can comfortably sit on. If you experience any pain while stretching we ask that you stop, and contact us.

Dr. Jason describes and demonstrates stretches that can be done at home within an embedded video. The function of our lower backs include structural support, optimized movement, and protection of certain tissues and organs. The next time you feel the pain on your low back, do a few several minute stretches. Set a timer for every hour and take a break. While it seems insignificant, the health benefits can really add up!

Is your health being plagued by low back pain? Please feel free to call us at (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form to learn how to reduce the pain.


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