Migraineurs, or those who suffer from migraines, account for some 28 million people.

While sufferers know the signs and triggers well, pain management and an ultimate cure often seem elusive. New research on the brain’s blood supply and its connection to the spine and nervous system gives insight into a possible solution.

Researchers have found that abnormalities in the arteries and blood vessels carrying blood to the brain may increase the likelihood of migraine. Particularly, abnormalities in the visual cortex (back of the head) area increased aura and visual symptoms. Now that this link has been discovered, treatments can be geared toward the nervous and artery systems leading from the spine to the brain.

The artery network called the Circle of Willis, which is a ring of arteries in the center of the head, has a direct connection to migraine. If dysfunction is found in the interconnecting neck and spine arteries, blood flow to and from the brain is inconsistent and can trigger migraines.

Chiropractors are familiar with Neuro-Spinal Dysfunction and routinely prescribe alignment of the spine to improve blood flow and nervous system function. With regular chiropractic care, many patients have experienced a reduction in migraine occurrence and duration. Chiropractic adjustment may be just the treatment you need to get the upper hand on your migraines without medication or surgery.

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