Lower Back stretches for Pain

If you’re experiencing lower back pain or discomfort Core Health believes in taking a moment to stretch.

We know back pain can come from stress on the lower back. It can come from sitting awkward in your work chair. How can you combat the pain? Of course, we want everyone to visit us at Core Health, but when the pain bothers you, stretch. Stretches for the lower back can help reduce and prevent pain. Dr. Jason Balthaser is here to demonstrate how to properly go through lower back stretches. Remember, if you’re experiencing any pain during your lower back stretches please refrain from continuing, and contact our staff.

Embedded in this blog post is a video showing some easy and quick lower back stretches. Dr. Jason describes and demonstrates stretches that can be done at home. The function of our lower backs include structural support, optimized movement, and protection of certain tissues and organs. When we stand, the lower back absorbs the weight of our upper body. On top of supporting our body, our lower back is involved with movements. This means that any injury regarding to lower back could be felt whether standing straight up, or sitting down.

Feeling like your posture is affecting your overall health? Please feel free to call us at (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.


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