Wall-bug exercise

Dr. Jason is here to show you the wall-bug exercise to promote abdominal strength and lumbar support.

Core Health Berks is here with another great ab workout for you to try in your free time. Undeniably, this may be our favorite. That’s right, we’re talking about the wall-bug exercise. Despite having a silly name, the wall-bug exercise is great for the abdominal as it strengthen and stabilizes. Also, it improves posture and relives low back pain. This is an exercise that can workout all parts of the abdominal. Finally, it helps with balance and coordination.

As always, Dr. Jason Balthaser shows the proper way to complete the exercise while minimizing stress on the lower back. The exercise requires a wall, and the desire to become stronger. Accordingly, to start the workout you will be on your back, head to the wall. While keeping your core tight, you will raise your legs individually to tap them on the ground. To make it easier, we added a video below.

As stated in the video, keep your core tight, and push against the wall throughout the workout. Without these two steps, your workout will be less effective. Core Health encourages that you take each rep slow to keep the tension high. Basically, it will make the workout harder, and make your body stronger. If you need help getting your body moving or think you may need more help with core stability, please contact us by calling (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.


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