Core Health Chiropractic is so excited to be able to bring you this new video series.

In the series, we are going to dive into brain development, what typical brain development looks like, ways in which stress might impact brain development, and a little more of the science of why it’s important to nurture our brains in a way that promotes a healthy trajectory of brain development. Many of you may have landed on this page, and this series with questions about social, learning and behavioral challenges; and through this series, it’s our hope that you will be able to understand a bit more about these challenges, and what they can tell us about how you or your child is engaging with and processing things in world!

In this world, which as we all know, is full of stress, we want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to facilitate healthy brain development, as well as support you, as parents, to spot any red flags that may signal a developmental challenge, and support you in working through those challenges with your child, or yourself. Our team has done extensive training in this area and are excited to bring you this information. We are going to bring you concepts from a variety of approaches and disciplines, so we can come together to support you and your whole family unit!

Each video in the series builds upon the previous video, so please be sure to follow the videos in order. Our hope is that you are able to gain a deeper understanding of brain development, and be able to identify some of the tools your child/ren, or maybe even you, are using to engage with the world. There is always, always a reason that a behavior is occurring! Behavior is a window into the brain! And we hope that this series can help you to understand that a bit more!

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