Core stability

Dr. Jason Balthaser is here with a great exercise for any athlete that utilizes hip movement to decrease hip, low back/pelvic pain, and to improve mobility in the hips.

Generally, hip movement exercises will need more space than other stretches. Before we get into the stretching, let’s talk about core stability. Emphatically, core workouts are important to a routine. Basically, your core help works every muscle. Chiefly, core stability is the ability to keep your spine from moving during physical activity. To clarify, your core helps control how effective your body is while working. The pelvic muscles, and diaphragm are being worked out. Despite being meant for athletes, Core Health suggests everyone practices core stability. These workouts may help with abdominal pain and ease tension.

Previously mentioned, core exercises train the muscles in your hips, pelvis, and abdomen to work together. This makes for better balance and stability. Dr. Jason shows the core workout below, and how simple the is. An abdominal ball is required. A strong core makes for greater stamina in activities, and a better performance.

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