Let’s face it, in today’s day and age, not many people have enough time to sit down and actually cook and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

If your household is running around in the morning and watching the clock, grabbing something prepackaged or boxed up is more than likely an obviously choice for most so you can eat on the go. But that also means the majority of what you might be grabbing to eat for you and your family has a lot of added preservatives and sugar included inside. Just because something screams ‘All Natural’ on the box, does not mean it truly is.

Breakfast cereals can be on of those items that can lure you in with promises of being healthy, natural and organic. And worse yet, cereal that is marketed to kids has bright colors with fun cartoon characters on them promising to provide multi-grains and nutrition when really the majority of the cereal for kids is high in sugar with empty calories.

Many people choose to eat on the go with quick and easy options because they are too busy and also because some find eating healthy comes with a high price tag. You can eat a healthy breakfast on a budget.

According to moneycrashers.com, these five foods is where you need to be concentrating the most on while on a budget (actually most times).

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Whole Grains

The key to making sure you and your family continue to eat healthy options is to prep the food. While you may be rolling your eyes right now, it will be completely worth it in the long run. This way you can actually have ‘fast food’ waiting for you in the refrigerator so you can just grab and go. And since breakfast is truly considered the more important meal of the day, getting a healthy does of nutrition to jump start your morning can only result in good things for you, your family and overall well-being.

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