Have you ever had or known someone who keeps reinjuring the same old injury? That friend that rolls their ankle all the time, or the athlete that has multiple ACL tears?

There is a reason why, even after tons of great rehab, that joint is not as strong as it once was. If we do not find the root cause of this injury cycle, we will continue to re-injure ourselves over, and over again. We use a series of testing to create a baseline for our athletes to assess how their nervous system is functioning. This in tern, helps us predict a future injury, improves rehabilitation, and increases efficiency while training. This tool is the secret to perform better, move faster, function longer and recover stronger!

Global Performance Assessment

Like most physiological processes, proprioception (ability for your brain to communicate with your body and coordinate movement) can be improved with challenging practice, and can also be impaired by disease or disuse, or neurological dysfunction, creating a neurological imbalance.

Ultimately, dysfunction makes an athlete prone to injury, and decreased performance. Previous injuries and imbalances in joint function in the spine and extremities facilitate muscle imbalance and dysfunctional stabilization patterns. This often Painless phenomenon or ‘disconnect’ between the brain and the body promotes instability resulting in poor performance and an increased potential for injury and recurrent injury patterns.

The focus is on reconditioning the body prior to training for an athletic event. Unhealthy movement patterns are identified and eliminated through dynamic, progressive treatment protocols. Proper movement patterns are “reprogrammed” through a systematic re-conditioning program unique to your movement system deficiencies.

For athletes, the global performance assessment is designed to improve athletic performance and reduce the potential for injury. The focus is on retraining healthy movement patterns throughout the body rather than just addressing the area of pain, weakness and instability. The athletic program consists of a global assessment of the body rather than just addressing the area of pain, weakness and instability. The athletic program consists of the following components:

  • Athletes undergo the Global Performance exam. This is a comprehensive analysis of your posture, spine, soft tissue and nervous system (biomechanical, myofascial and neurological). The Global performance Assessment of analysis is designed to uncover proprioceptive deficit, a “communication disconnect” between the brain (nervous system) and body (muscular system).
  • The Global performance Assessment provides a diagnosis unique to the athlete’s condition and provides an objective, evidence based approach toward creating an active care program. This program is an integration of chiropractic, manual therapy and functional conditioning in a progressive, systematic manner.
  • The goal of the Global Performance Assessment is to eliminate movement system impairment and recondition the spine, soft tissue and nervous system. Through treating the underlying neurological imbalances first, and retraining healthy movement patterns, athletic performance is improved and the resistance to injury is enhanced.
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