fish oil

Fish oil is a natural compound that reduces pain. Core Health believes this supplement is a need.

The human body detests pain. Its natural response to pain is anti-inflammatory agents. Although they work, they can cause side effects like gastric ulceration. However, natural compounds to aide the process are available. Because of its genetic makeup, fish oil is one of the best compounds to reduce pain. It is one of the most common dietary supplements, and you should consider taking it too.

What is Fish Oil?

Although you may have heard or seen it in passing you may not know what it is or what it does. Fish oil is the fat or oil extracted from fish tissue. Basically, it is used for the treatment of muscular, and skeletal, and some mental diseases. Before it could be capsuled and extracted, older medicine stopped using it because of the scent and rapid aging when exposed to air. The main compound of the oil is omega-3. Accordingly, omega-3 is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory agents for the human body. There are different variations of omega-3’s. The omega-3’s found in fish have greater health benefits than the omega-3’s found in plant sources.

Research shows that fish and health have a positive link. For example, countries that have higher fish consumption have lower results of depression. Also, the American Heart Association encourages oil supplements to combat heart issues. This is because inflammation is the main issue of coronary artery disease. Generally, the ingredients of the oil have been found to reduce swelling in joints which reduces pain in the body.

To sum it up, supplements like oil and magnesium can improve overall health. Finally, If you need help finding the right supplement, or want to know which one to take, please contact us by calling (610) 750-9131 or use our online contact form.

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