Exercising and working out are as mainstream in today’s society as drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Everyone says they should, everyone tries to do it but many just do not hit that goal. We all know it’s important to drink 8 cups of water a day and we all know that exercising will be beneficial but how many of us actually do these things.

Being active today is super important in the ever go go go of mainstream USA society. You have to have some sort of physical outlet to, at the most, relieve daily stress. As humans, we were not meant to sit all day. We were meant to be active, outside in nature. Even if you are walking outside for 20 minutes a day, I guarantee you will notice a difference. You should be doing some type of movement or play on a fairly regular basis. You were created to walk, run, jump, skip, lift, push, pull, climb, and chop…or whatever else you feel like doing.

We were made to move and enjoy a variety of play such as lifting weights, going for a hike, indoor rock climbing, a yoga class, playing basketball or softball, cycling, skipping or playing tag with your kid or grandkid. Not only will these things lower stress and be beneficial for your health overall, you may even start to notice that your clothes fit a little differently in a few weeks. And when that starts to happen, it’s a whole new ball game. You will want to continue your in your efforts because you actually feel amazing and are seeing results.

Adding a variety of activities to your daily schedule and life would also more than likely have you visiting the doctor’s office less. It’s just making sure the activities you choose to do become a habit…anything is possible.

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