Do I Have a Bad Kid?

There are certain behaviors that can be labeled “bad”, and children who display “bad” behaviors are usually labeled “bad kids”. However, there is no such thing as a bad kid!

Behaviors always have a purpose, and if we take a different view of them, we can see into the brain through them! Observing an individual’s behavior can help us understand their weaknesses AND strengths, as well as where they are developmental and neurodevelopmentally.

Among the behaviors children display are:

  • The tendency to get angry quickly
  • Routines need to be rigid
  • Isn’t a fan of change
  • Impulsiveness
  • Movements that are uncoordinated
  • Feeling a little uncomfortable with textures
  • Making noises or moving constantly
  • Schoolwork is avoided

The following image illustrates how you can help parents see beyond behavior to find out what’s really going on.

Behaviors are often caused by a lack of ability to adapt to stress, high demands, and inadequate tools for processing, connecting, and engaging with the world.

At Core Health Chiropractic, we offer The Brain Blossom Program, an online, at-home, brain and body exercise and educational program. There are many tracks designed to engage an individual in all different stages of development and abilities. The individualized exercise tracks are intuitively designed to lead participants through exercises that are appropriately paced. Call us at 610.750.9131 for more information.

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