Sensory Santa

Sensory Santa brings the joy to children of cognitive, physical, or emotional needs.

For those who were not able to attend, Sensory Santa visited Core Health Chiropractic on December 7th, 2019. Last year, we had brought this event to our offices and it was a hit. So, to continue the joy to the children, we have indefinitely saved a spot for this event for future holiday times. The point of this event to bring children of cognitive, physical, or emotional needs to experience the joy and happiness of meeting Santa without added pressures or stress.

Dr. Sarah Balthaser of Core Health Chiropractic said,

“The sparkle in these kids eyes when they get to experience the magic of Santa on their own terms,”.

Core Health Chiropractic takes pride in being a family friendly company.

If the children were not ready to meet Sensory Santa, children were given a snack, and allowed to roam the office where they were crafts until they felt comfortable enough to meet Saint Nick. We encourage families with special needs children to participate and share the holiday magic. To capture this moment, we have a recap video to explain and show the power of this Christmas-themed event.

Below is the recap video. With your support we can continue sharing these moments. Happy holidays from the Core Health Chiropractic team!

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