Colic Chiropractic Care

Do you have a colicky baby? Chiropractic colic care may help.

Even though colic is relatively short-lived in infants aged six weeks to four months, the triple threat of frequent screaming and crying for three hours a day, three days a week, for at least three weeks by an otherwise healthy baby has long been the cause for miserable babies and frightened, exhausted caregivers who carry guilt that they can’t settle their new bundle of joy. While doctors have traditionally treated the symptoms of colic with anti-gas or other digestion-related medications, home remedies like laying baby across your lap or soaking him in a warm bath, new studies show that the source may be somewhere else. In fact, chiropractic help may be the solution to cranky babies and frustrated parents.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study based on research done at three hospitals in Italy and France (Romanello, S., et al. “Association Between Childhood Migraine and History of Infantile Colic.” JAMA, 2013). The study links colic with the recurrence of migraines later in life, concluding that children and teens who suffered from migraines were 73% more likely to have had colic as babies. It is therefore very possible that the same nerve issue that causes migraine also causes colic and likewise, that colic can be an early sign of future migraines.

As far as treatment is concerned, the same chiropractic methods that work to help relieve nerve issues in migraineurs may also work for children suffering from colic. Colic chiropractic care adjustments to the spine and neck, bones, joints, body tissues and stretching of the muscles, will allow for consistent and unrestricted blood flow to and from the brain. With early chiropractic intervention for your baby, you may discover a much happier and more contented child which will result in a happier and more contented parent!

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