Can Chiropractic Care Eliminate Ear Infections?

Acute otitis media, commonly known as ear infection, is so prevalent among preschool-aged children and younger, that it is considered the top reason parents bring their little ones to the doctor, as well as the top pediatric ailment receiving antibiotic treatment.

According to a press release by UCLA’s medicine department (, $3 billion dollars of healthcare allotments go toward curing ear infections and that young children are the most affected due to their exposure to illness in the daycare setting and immature development of the middle ear.

Breastfeeding can help build your baby’s immune system, but ear infections still happen.  Concerns in the treatment of acute otitis media include over-prescription of antibiotics, which can lead to resistance and even more serious issues such as drug allergy or anaphylaxis. Even with treatment, recurring infections often necessitate expensive and time-consuming doctor visits, or even more involved solutions such as surgically-placed drainage tubes. Multiple doctor visits cost families valuable time and tons of money in co-pays and prescriptions.

One of the primary reasons children have acute otitis media is due to abnormalities in the way their ears drain fluid. While most children will eventually grow out of ear infections, the damage AOM causes may be irreversible. Interestingly, if the lack of drainage is caused by misalignment (sublixation) of the spinal bones due to vertebrae shifting during delivery (or even a simple fall), this problem can be corrected with a simple adjustment. Chiropractors can gently realign the neck area, encouraging proper fluid drainage and improving immune function.

Are you ready to say goodbye to sick days, ear tubes, and infections for your child? Are you ready to save countless dollars on co-pays and prescription medication?  Are you ready to give your child’s digestive tract a break from antibiotics? Give us a call at 610-750-9131 and schedule a consultation today. We’re looking forward to helping your family live a healthier life!

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