bioenergetics 101

At Core Health Chiropractic, one of the services we offer is bioenergetic testing, but what exactly is bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a multidisciplinary health system centered on how energy flows through the cells of the body. It is focused on energy transformations and exchanges within and between living things and their environments. Using bioenergetics can help to discover the root causes of stress, pointing out if something is out of balance.

Bioenergetic Therapy

All of our biological processes (brain function, movement, etc.) require energy. Bioenergetic therapy can help with cognitive, emotional, and physical issues. It connects your emotions, character, body expressions, and muscle structure and helps to release overstressed parts of the body. It can help aid in an emotional release, to better deal with conflict or trauma, or even to better allow you to experience good feelings and pleasure.

Metabolism, Growth & Development

Three processes that are significant to Bioenergetics include metabolism, growth, and development.

Metabolism is the process in which living things produce energy and it aids in growth and development. Growth is essentially happening when cells reproduce. Finally, development is when progress occurs in a living being’s life. Bioenergetics focuses on these three processes as nearly all energy used indirectly or directly involves one of them. Therapists practicing bioenergetics believe that things affecting the mind affect the body, and things affecting the body affect the mind…that they are interconnected.

Bioenergetic Testing

Forms of bioenergetic testing include the use of non-invasive electrodes, hand masses, or probing devices that collect digital measurements. The devices discover details that signal when a frequency is “off” helping to discover where and what treatment is needed for balance. Testing is safe and gentle, and growing in popularity.

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