Team Swaddle Over Here!

I know a lot of parents forgoes the swaddle early on because their baby wiggled free and became agitated. I am in support of swaddling for several reasons, mainly because a good swaddle equals more sleep. Little one’s have a startle reflex that sometimes wakes them during sleep or while falling asleep. This reflex is necessary and is part of normal development, but can really put a damper on sleeping. A swaddle does not remove the reflex, it just dampens the response against the blanket.

The trick is you need a good tight swaddle, and that can be difficult with a wiggly baby. I love the Mom’s On Call or “Happiest Baby on the Block” technique. There are other options though if you cannot get a tight swaddle and your baby still can get their arms free.

We needed an option that wasn’t dependent upon our burrito wrapping skills. One day I walked into Babies “R” us and I bought 10 different swaddles, true story. I found that I really liked the Miracle Blanket or the SwaddleMe. The Miracle blanket is a nice cross between a traditional swaddle and an assisted blanket. The SwaddleMe has Velcro and it much easier to get a good tight swaddle with a squirmy baby.

Finding the right swaddle blanket for your baby will help your whole family! Plus, they look so cute wrapped tightly. A swaddled baby gives chipotle a run for their money every time! Click to view another Bay Registry Must Have!

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