The NoseFrida is a Creative Product to Help with a Baby’s Stuffy Nose

This thing, this piece of beautiful blue plastic will be your best friend come your baby’s first stuffy nose. The thing about babies is that they can’t blow their noses, go figure. So when they get snifflly they do not have the means to clear it. Mucus that is stuck in the sinus can lead to ear infections and fevers, so getting the snot moving helps a ton. We adjust lots of babies to help support their immune system. Sometimes, we need a little help to drain the sinuses. The NoseFrida is an apparatus that safely enables you to help your baby clear their nose.

The old blue bulbs that the hospital sends you home with fills with mold and bacteria which you cannot see. Essentially, you are trying to clear an infection with an infected apparatus. Good bacteria is great, but sticking a moldy plastic thing in a stuffy nose: I draw the line.

The thing I love about this product is it is very easy to clean. Each part separates and is easily washable. The big chamber that is inserted into the nose, the hose, and the nose piece all separate to sanitize between uses. Also, the sponges are easy to replace. The package comes with a few extras and there are extra sponge packs sold separately.

My preferred method is as follows; 1 drop of saline in each nostril, internal pep talk that this is best for baby, insert the NF in one nostril and gradually increase the suction, move the nozzle around to get different angles of the nose. You do not want to go in full force, it’s a gradual thing.

Do yourself a favor and buy The NoseFrida and the extra sponges before you run into your first cold season. The NoseFrida is a must have for any registry. Hands down the best product to purchase.

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