I live by the motto “fed baby is best”. That being said I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding.

There are tons of brands and breastfeeding pillow models for sale depending on what you prefer. I personally used My Brest Friend Twin Sized Nursing Pillow with my twins.

Boppy is another huge brand that many moms purchase. If you are on a mission to nurse your twins, Boppy may not be the best choice for you. However, if you have a singleton it’s a great option.

A pillow can not only support breastfeeding, but also bottle feeding and tummy time. When your baby is old enough to lay back or sit unassisted you can prop them on the pillow to feed with a bottle.

Tummy time is also great on the pillow, and a nice way to switch up this activity that some babies dislike. As long as baby is using their body weight against gravity to hold their head up, we can count it for tummy time. It is crucial that baby starts to lift their head and pan (looking side to side and behind their shoulders) to develop their cervical curve in their neck.

Find a pillow that is comfortable for you and baby whether you are nursing or bottle feeding! As I mentioned above, they are great for more than just feeding time! Click to view another Bay Registry Must Have!

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