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Fatigue, Anxiety, Digestive Disturbances & Beyond: Need to try a New Way Out?

Many times you can find yourself tired of meetings with countless doctors only to be prescribed more supplements. After all the meetings and pills you still suffer from chronic fatigue. Are you consulting with therapists but still struggling with anxiety and digestive disruptions? It may be time to try something new, a bioenergetic test could be the answer!

Say “Hello” to Bioenergetic Testing

If you feel like you’ve exhausted options for solving an ailment, you may want to give bioenergetic testing a try. What is a bioenergetic test? It’s a comprehensive, stress-free, non-invasive way that utilizes both a holistic and scientific approach to testing. In fact, the test includes technological capabilities that work to identify stressors and weaknesses in particular organs and regions of the body. Once those areas are pinpointed, the testing can discover issues including hormonal and nutritional imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, and even disruptive energetic toxins.

How Does it Work?

One way the test is performed is through the use of examining hair follicles or saliva secretions. Specifically, hair follicles grow from blood vessels that contain information including bioenergetic patterns. The follicles can reveal resonating toxins, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, sensitivities, and cellular stressors for a particular individual.

Bioenergetic Testing is a great place to start when a health concern arises. It can get to the root cause of an issue quickly. Pinpointing areas of stress and weakness takes the guesswork out of what is happening within an individual’s body, giving an accurate approach to understanding the issues and further treating them. Are you ready to understand your bioenergetic health?

We hope this information was helpful when you consider your next health steps! If you would like more helpful tips, head over to our other blogs! In need of more information on this topic, contact us today to discover the bioenergetic test to best suit your needs!

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